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      Troubleshoot-GPS Tracker Online?

      GPS Trackers Can't Get Online on the Map Tracking Platform?
      Below Chat is used to teach you solve it step by step.
      [2014/9/10 10:22:36] Steve,UK,SMT: Hi Suke XU, I'd like to add you as a contact.I have bought some of your trackers and would like to contact you.
      [2014/9/10 10:22:47] *** Suke XU 已與Steve,UK,S-Client分享聯系人信息。 ***
      [2014/9/10 10:22:56] Suke XU: good morning
      [11:01:39] Steve,UK,SMT: Good morning
      [11:01:52] Suke XU: hi good morning
      [11:01:56] Suke XU: who is that pls
      [11:01:58] Suke XU: this is suke
      [11:02:17] Steve,UK,SMT: Hi Suke, my name is Steve
      [11:03:14] Suke XU: nice to meet you here steve
      [11:03:56] Steve,UK,SMT: I have bought several of your trackers, 3 magnetic ones, a torch one and a multi charger one.
      [11:04:22] Suke XU: did you buy from aliexpress?
      [11:04:27] Steve,UK,SMT: Yes
      [11:04:37] Suke XU: what can i help you now
      [11:05:10] Steve,UK,SMT: I am having trouble plotting them via the website
      [11:05:28] Suke XU: ok,
      [11:05:37] Suke XU: you haven't gotten any one with the website yet?
      [11:05:50] Steve,UK,SMT: No
      [11:06:33] Suke XU: May i teach you now
      [11:06:44] Steve,UK,SMT: Please do
      [11:06:55] Suke XU: do you have any device in your hand now,
      [11:06:58] Suke XU: a SIM card also
      [11:07:07] Steve,UK,SMT: Yes
      [11:07:27] Suke XU: ok,then get any device,
      [11:07:36] Suke XU: before testing, pls confirm
      [11:08:21] Suke XU: 1) your sim card is with 2G gsm service and gprs service, it means, it's 2G SIM card, could call ,send sms and get internet service
      [11:08:33] Suke XU: 2) your device is with battery
      [11:08:43] Suke XU: if both are no problem, let's go ahead test now
      [11:08:56] Steve,UK,SMT: That's fine, ready
      [11:09:27] Suke XU: Step 1: Insert the SIM card in the device,eg T4400, fit the waterproof rubber well
      [11:09:38] Suke XU: if done,pls tell me
      [11:10:50] Steve,UK,SMT: I have done all that, it responds to SMS and gives position back to my smart phone
      [11:11:34] Suke XU: Step 2: set the master control number ...
      [11:11:55] Suke XU: since you have done all that ,and could reply postion to phone, it means, both step 1 and step 2 are correct
      [11:12:03] Suke XU: let's go to step 3:
      [11:12:25] Suke XU: Step 3: set the apn for the SIM card in the device.  WHat's the APN for the SIM card in the device?
      [11:12:46] Steve,UK,SMT: I've already done that also
      [11:13:16] Suke XU: let's confirm,
      [11:13:24] Suke XU: what's the APN for your SIM card in the tracker
      [11:13:32] Suke XU: not the apn of your SIM card in your phone
      [11:14:40] Steve,UK,SMT: I've already set that up with the tracker. The issue I have I cannot follow the tracker on the miitown website
      [11:14:52] Suke XU: yes, let me explain
      [11:15:06] Suke XU: if you set the apn succeed, then you could login into the miitown
      [11:15:15] Suke XU: and see the device on the map
      [11:15:23] Suke XU: now,let me ask: can you login into the mitown ??
      [11:15:29] Suke XU: i mean ,login
      [11:16:03] Steve,UK,SMT: Yes
      [11:16:30] Steve,UK,SMT: I have just logged in now
      [11:16:44] Suke XU: but you can't see the device on the map,right
      [11:16:51] Steve,UK,SMT: Correct
      [11:17:13] Suke XU: if you could login int,but can't see the device in the map, there's  two reasons which may be:
      [11:17:47] Suke XU: 1) apn setting is not correct
      [11:18:02] Suke XU: 2) device upload is not active
      [11:18:19] Suke XU: for 1) pls doubt check it, whether your apn has a user name and password?
      [11:18:24] Suke XU: could you tell me, what's your apn
      [11:18:29] Suke XU: and what sms did u send ,
      [11:18:31] Suke XU: let me check it
      [11:19:20] Steve,UK,SMT: Apn is orangeinternet
      [11:19:38] Suke XU: no user and no password?
      [11:20:30] Steve,UK,SMT: no
      [11:21:17] Suke XU: orangeinternet,not orange.internet
      [11:21:19] Suke XU: do you confirm
      [11:21:36] Steve,UK,SMT: It's, orangeinternet
      [11:21:49] Suke XU: ok
      [11:21:51] Suke XU: so you sent:
      [11:21:55] Suke XU: *apn*orangeinternet*
      [11:21:57] Suke XU: right?
      [11:22:32] Steve,UK,SMT: On the website under my mobile number it shows the 5 trackers I have, it just doesn't show them on the map.
      [11:22:39] Suke XU: yes
      [11:22:51] Suke XU: i know, let me teach you solve the problems ,to check the problem one by one
      [11:22:56] Suke XU: so you sent:
      [11:21:55] Suke XU: *apn*orangeinternet*
      [11:22:57] Steve,UK,SMT: Ok
      [11:23:03] Steve,UK,SMT: Yes
      [11:23:08] Suke XU: ok, it's correct
      [11:23:14] Suke XU: then maybe problem 2:
      [11:23:54] Steve,UK,SMT: Ok
      [11:24:12] Suke XU: pls kindly try to send: *locateaddress*
      [11:24:27] Suke XU: and you will got a reply,pls tell me it's the address from lbs or gps
      [11:26:27] Steve,UK,SMT: From my smart phone it works, same as locatemap
      [11:26:46] Suke XU: sorry, I don’t understand,
      [11:26:51] Suke XU: what reply do you get ?
      [11:27:19] Steve,UK,SMT: I get the address location
      [11:27:53] Suke XU: but it's not correct
      [11:27:54] Suke XU: right
      [11:28:01] Suke XU: has a big different from the real address, right
      [11:28:15] Steve,UK,SMT: No, it's very close
      [11:28:30] Steve,UK,SMT: Within 10 meters
      [11:30:16] Suke XU: ok,
      [11:30:26] Suke XU: if so ,i don't know its the address from lbs or gps
      [11:30:32] Suke XU: pls kindly go ahead:
      [11:30:52] Suke XU: *rsampling*1*
      [11:31:00] Suke XU: *rupload*60*
      [11:31:11] Suke XU: pls send these two commands, then wait for 2 minues
      [11:33:15] Steve,UK,SMT: Ok, I've done that
      [11:33:29] Suke XU: thanks for your patient
      [11:33:41] Steve,UK,SMT: Thanks for yours
      [11:34:00] Suke XU: pls kindly send:
      [11:34:06] Suke XU: *locatemap* later
      [11:34:18] Suke XU: sorry,what's your master number and passwor,d
      [11:34:23] Suke XU: i will go to your account to check
      [11:35:59] Steve,UK,SMT: 0044111111111
      [11:36:09] Steve,UK,SMT: Password 123456
      [11:39:11] Suke XU: Steve,are you sure your SIM card is with gprs service?
      [11:39:18] Suke XU: could you pls kindly call your telecom?
      [11:39:35] Suke XU: or fetch the SIM card out and insert to a mobile phone,ujse it surf on the internet?
      [11:40:22] Steve,UK,SMT: Yes, I used it to surf net before putting it into the tracker.
      [11:40:33] Suke XU: oh ,i see
      [11:41:11] Suke XU: pls send 0000
      [11:41:19] Suke XU: and tell me what reply u get ?
      [11:44:12] Steve,UK,SMT: 1. Sensor sensitivity; 1
      2. Alert statues:  off
      3. Power high
      [11:44:44] Suke XU: not check interval?
      [11:45:05] Steve,UK,SMT: ?
      [11:45:48] Steve,UK,SMT: Sorry don't understand
      [11:46:09] Suke XU: did you ever open the check function
      [11:46:29] Steve,UK,SMT: How do I do that?
      [11:46:52] Suke XU: *checkm*10*
      [11:47:05] Steve,UK,SMT: Will do that now
      [11:47:35] Suke XU: and pls : *onlineon* also
      [11:49:07] Steve,UK,SMT: Replied system has enabled online control
      [11:49:19] Suke XU: ok now
      [11:49:23] Suke XU: i see your device on the map
      [11:49:42] Suke XU: that's because all device close the online function
      [11:49:46] Suke XU: ;(
      [11:49:56] Steve,UK,SMT: Me also
      [11:50:24] Suke XU: pls kindly open onlineon for all other devices
      [11:50:29] Suke XU: let's conclude:
      [11:50:46] Suke XU: as usual, our default setting before shipment is : online, if device is online,
      [11:50:52] Suke XU: but you can't see the devices on the map
      [11:50:57] Suke XU: 1) pls check apn setting
      [11:51:07] Suke XU: 2) pls check SIM card whether with gprs service
      [11:51:22] Suke XU: 3) pls check whether open the upload function
      [11:51:30] Suke XU: :P
      [11:52:19] Steve,UK,S-Client: Thank you very much for you kind assistance and patience, you've been very kind.
      [11:52:33] Suke XU: thank you also
      [11:52:44] Suke XU: you understand me very well and do it fast
      [11:52:45] Suke XU: thanks
      [11:52:48] Suke XU: (hug)

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